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Looking for the perfect place for a romp with your pet?  Then check out the City of Coral Springs enclosed dog park!  Dr. Paul's Memorial Dog Park provides a unique recreation area for dogs and their families.  Equipped with agility equipment, an open field, and water stations, the park provides a place for dogs to frolic off leash with their owners.



The idea was developed in 1992 while the late Dr. Steven Paul, former Hospital Director of Wiles Road and Cypress Wood Animal Hospitals, was attending a veterinary conference in Massachusetts.  While strolling through Boston Commons, he saw dogs and their owners romping freely and knew instantly that he wanted to bring the same concept to South Florida.  The grand opening took place in February 1997, during the Annual People Helping Pets Event (formerly called Coral Springs Dog Day Run, a fund raising event for the park and other pet friendly, non profit organizations.

South Florida's premier park for dogs is open from dawn to 9:30pm daily with lights to keep the park well illuminated.  Attending the dog park is free regardless of where you reside.  Park rules and pet etiquette must be obeyed at all times.  The park features a paved running path, agility equipment, a watering area and shower for dogs, xeriscaped landscaping, small dog open areas, "pooper scooper" bag dispensers, trash barrels, a Memorial Board, a gazebo with picnic benches and a doggie airlock outside both exits (to keep dogs from running out) & a state of the art irrigation system.  By jumping hurdles, climbing ramps, leaping through a hanging tire, following an oval walking trail or just running and playing, your dog will build self confidence and feel better than ever!